Nadia Themis Blog - Valentines 2018

Valentines starts from YOU

Another year passed by and Valentine’s Day finds me single. A few years before, I was feeling miserable on Valentine’s Day and especially after my divorce. I was trying hard to survive the day by locking myself at home and avoiding going out. I was making fun of all those who were celebrating the day. The truth is that deep inside I was feeling lonely. Reading, coaching and personal development helped me to learn how to love and appreciate Valentine’s Day just like all the other days.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Old typewriter

What was your dream as a child?

I am assuming that even accidentally, you have watched at least one episode of “Dora the Explorer” or “Murder she wrote”. I know that now you are trying to guess my age! 🙂 I have already said numerous times that I’m a proud mom of two amazing kids! Anyway, Dora has been one of my favorite animated series for some unknown reason, and Jessika Fletcher my hero but it was not until recently that everything started to make sense.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Women Power

Women power and the rule of #3!

One thing that I love about traveling is the ability to meet new people. Usually, I travel on my own, as I am a “free” traveler let’s say, although most they will describe me as “demanding” traveler. I want to have my own agenda and to-do list, of course, few friends who they know me can travel with my, along my terms and conditions rule book, or if someone like me joins me, as I say teasing my friends!!

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Nadia Themis Blog - Love

Where is Love?

Guess where am I? Where else? in Starbucks at Union square New York and writing my book. I was inspired and decisive that today, was going to be THE day. Where I would finish my book because I know that you need to read it. It’s our story! In the mean time, while I am sitting here, based on a conversation I had from a client of mine in coaching here in New York, I was inspired to write this article.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Financial Coaching, Monopoli Plan

Financial Coaching “Monopoli plan”

Is this picture upside down? Or do we have the wrong angle?

Coming from the global business world, among successful people, that means if we count success based on how many figures it is your bank account balance, and then with this meaning I met lot of successful people. Most of them were and still are my clients. Although their amazing career, I was surprised that many of them didn’t save money that they could have easily done. Many of them reached the age of 65 and still worrying about their pension funds, instead of enjoying your precious family moment.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Traveler

The Traveler

At the very young age I was dreaming the world and was wondering how it looks like. The big cities like Paris, New York, Athens, Rome, and London for which so many Cypriots were talking about. At that time it seems impossible to travel, we hardly had money to survive as family not traveling. My parents were not much in traveling. Priorities they keep saying to us and traveling was never in our priorities list. I remember having an old globe, which I was spinning it and stop it with my finger pointing out the place that I was going to visit. Physically it was difficult so I was “visiting” it mentally.

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