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Format and Update

A few days ago, I was having coffee with a friend, during which time she complained continuously about her boyfriend, her job, her friends; actually, more or less about everything. She was really upset: her eyes widened, her skin reddened, and her heartbeat quickened, losing its peaceful pace. I listened to her carefully for 15 minutes, so as to let her get everything out of her system and off her chest: a catharsis of sorts. I also fetched her a fresh juice (rather than coffee: coffee seemed like a dangerous choice considering her state!). Now that she was calmer, I suggested that we make a “thought schedule”.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Real Love


Few days ago, I was in Athens, Greece. I was surrounded by the ancient Greeks and i could feel their passion, agony, drama. This is what fascinates me in Athens, every street is full of history. As i was walking towards Akropolis street, i was looking and observing people walking or sitting to the cafes. You could see that they were laughing with effort to hide their sadness but you could see it in their eyes, some others were drifting away lost in their thoughts, and others just having their wine and enjoying the view.

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Nadia Themis Blog - Welcome, coaching


Welcome to my “paradise” called You might laughing by the word paradise but ladies and gentlemen what is paradise and who defines paradise other than us?. Many times you listen to people wondering about the meaning of life, for what is happiness, success, failure and goes on. But we forget that we are consuming time just thinking about these words with no substance but creating mind turbulence.

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