Nadia Themis after a lot of refusals and dubious to say the least offers from TV producers decided to create her own communication channel with the aim of offering people who have something interesting to say to do so.

As a result, the show I LOVE PEOPLE was created on Facebook live. A great deal of success was achieved featuring successful business people.

Hellenic TV which is based in London recognised the potential and the show IN CONVERSATION WITH NADIA was created. (Broadcasted every Sunday at 19.30 UK time)

A host of businesses people have been interviewed and a lot of interesting people are in line to appear on the show.

Furthermore, Nadia has a good network of people and is regarded as a good lobbyist.
And last but not least she has her own YouTube channel called NADIA THEMIS, where advise for personal improvement and other matters are discussed.

Stay Tuned!