“We will make your voice so strong,

the whole word will sit up and take notice”


We are connecting people and empowering them to grow. We advice clients ranging from global leaders and emerging market stars to privately-held growth businesses. Our integrated strategic communications services help businesses navigate the constantly changing communications landscape and build closer a more trusted relationship with stakeholders.

We are one integrated team with one shared culture of excellence. We draw on the diversity of thinking and knowledge across our business to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. If  you need things to be done, get in touch.

What can we do together:

Please contact us for a private meeting for more details. Our team can fly and meet you. We have contacts  and network in Europe, UK, USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Canada, UAE.

In order to satisfy our clients and associates us, we provide concierge services London covering all their needs.

1.B2B  and  B2C expertise



Our talented team helps businesses with B2B and B2C communication strategies across all channels. We enhance and protect corporate reputations, providing companies operating in different sectors with PR-driven solutions in order to achieve positive, tangible outcomes.  One of Nadias best abilities was that of the researcher. She knows where to search and find the right people or companies for your needs. B2B is essential part of a business success and thrive in the market The B2C is for companies that targeting directly to the customer rather to the business.

Personal concierge services, are available. Our team can take care all the logistics that might needed for your comfort, like the hotel / flights booking, private shopping, dining, saucer, cars, jets, yachts, private venues appointments, meetings on a high level.

2.Corporate Communications – (Media and Publishing, press office)


Connect and help you communicate with one voice and tell your story through the best channels – from national to local media, print, broadcast and social media.We organize for you and your company events customized on you needs. Like we participated in Abu Dhabi offering to the clients of our associate BLS global the opportunity to network and connect with clients and businesses.

We are specializing in Events, Exhibitions and Conferences in Finance, Investments, Corporate,Tourism & Leisure and Coaching.

Media Crew. Cyprus Elections 2018.

We help businesses shape their environments

Our job is to help our clients build awareness of their missions, visions and values. We embed ourselves in our clients’ businesses so that we can understand what truly matters and tell their corporate stories with authenticity and impact.

Our offering ranges from strategic advice to the delivery of impactful media and stakeholder campaigns built on meaningful insights to ensure the stories of our clientele are clear, consistent and enhances reputation. Our team will help you to develop your corporate communications strategy, sharpen your messages, prepare your spokespeople for interviews, act as your point of contact and virtual press office, advice on  PR crisis and develop bespoke campaigns for your key people, products or issues.

3. Conferences and Events

We organize your events, conferences, excursion for your company and team building activities. The only thing you will do is to enter that beautiful event venue dressed up as a winner.

We have a highly experienced conference and events team. We organise major conferences, interactive and participatory events, Corporate events, B2B private meetings, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, roadshows, roundtables and receptions.

We work with clients to design events, curate content, organise logistics, and make sure everything runs smoothly.  We have strong partnerships with a wide range of suppliers and we are familiar with most of the major UK venues and abroad.

4.Penetration Strategy for new markets

We assist businesses to expand in to new markets. The professional experience of us, 19years, ensure the clients that they will enter in the proper way, which will lead them to success. global know how of the business world, we make sure that they expand in the proper way which will lead them to success.

We provide you complete package of services, including legal, tax advisors, consultants, marketeers, etc. Our team consists of professional auditors, tax advisors, experts in trading, finance etc.

Talk to us about:

  • Empowering your interpersonal skills
  • Building integrated, multi-channel communications strategies
  • Crisis management
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Creating an effective communications team
  • Building capacity and expertise
  • Support in recruitment for communications roles 

5. Networking -Lobbying 

Many people don’t like networking but I would say there is no growth without networking. We network with people every day without even realizing it. It’s all about building relationships and empowering the existing ones. We lobby in all kind of levels, universities, small entrepreneurs, big/medium/small organizations, governments start-ups, youth.

In 2018, (above picture) we had the networking event organized by NEPOMAK. We talked about goals setting, empowerment, entrepreneurship and the power of networking.

In my tvshow , broadcasted by HellenicTv in UK, called “Conversation with Nadia Themis”, having as my guest Mrs. Androula Vasiliou commissioner in the European Union for Cyprus. Among others she is a big supporter of athleticism and gender equality.

Here, with Mrs. Andria Zafeirakou whom i interviewed before winning the global of the best Teacher Award!

I had the honor, to interview Mr. Mike Manatos of Manatos & Manatos Political office in Washington. He is a big supporter of Cyprus and Greece, in the United States. We are proud to have him as one of our ambassadors!

In Washington D.C. with Mr. Nicos Christodoulides our Ministry of foreign Affairs (on the right). We are lucky to have him as our minister, great man with great personality. In the picture is Stathis (behind me), a great energetic man, an ambassador of Hellenism in USA and board member of HALC (USA).

I had the honor to have exclusive interview from Mr. Philip Christopher, a great man, who always is fighting for Cyprus rights, in the United States where he lives permanently.

New York 2018

From our event in New York 2017, Empowering Entrepreneurship and Networking skills.

In New York at our event, under the auspices of Mr. Nicholas Nicholaou, the president of Cyprus Chamber in United States.


Here we are with my dear Minister of Trade Commerce and Energy of Cyprus Mr.George Lakotrypis, in London, where we participated to WTM 2018. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and humble. God bless him and his family.


Greece was the main sponsor of WTM 2018, and they organized perfectly their events. The brain behind that is Mrs. Elena Kontoura, who is amazing professional woman. She is the Minister of Tourism of Greece.


I have the honor to be friends with Mr. Photiou, who is the Commissioner of Cypriots overseas. He is doing a great job and diaspora respect his efforts. He made a huge improvement in the bonding relationships of Cyprus and with the overseas Cypriots.

WTM 2018 with my great friends and associates of OTM, all the way from India. Mr. John Abraham with the sunglasses is an amazing professional and my good associate in India.

BLS team in the above photo, we organized an amazing event in Abu Dhabi, Bangalore 2018 for Citizenship & Investments. WE are strategic partners with them and we are having our next events in 2019 in Dubai, and India.

Here with my dear Kerryanne, our lawyer associates in St Kitts. Next is the principal director Mr. Kyprianou of the Ministry of Interiors in Cyprus. We were covering as media the Cyprus Elections 2018.

Starting my first business in 2009 in Finance & Corporate Investments,  I had no money or connections. Actually, I was totally broke but my gut was telling me to do it, when all the others were telling that I must be crazy starting my own business in a mans world environment and with no money.

Well, they were not aware of the fact that I am a fighter. I cheated death few times and I always succeed my goals, because it was about survival. Always.

Now, after nearly ten years, I have travelled the world, my clients are well established companies in many industries like: Pharmaceutical, Medicines disposable products, Oil&Gas, Finance, Trading, Tourism, Traveling, Citizenships, Cosmetics,  etc.

Its not just about me though, but I own a big thank you to my team and associates. My family was and still is my rock, especially my two kids.

Public Relations for us is like family, we take care of you all the way. You  are not a client, you remember of our family.

My Dad always kept saying to me that In business you only need two things to succeed, or at least to give you the kick start, which  is Money or Connections.

Working with Face2Face Consultancy Ltd, We can help you to have both.

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact Face2Face for more details and even better a personal meeting or e-meeting.


Founder / MD

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