We’ll meet one-on-one through a video calling platform such as Skype or Google Hangout. We’ll discuss the presentation or speech you need assistance with and draw out a plan to achieve your goals. What do you hope to accomplish through our coaching sessions? What do you believe to be standing between you and the best communicator you can be? We’ll discuss the best way to tackle and overcome your concerns, be it stage fright or the delivery of the material, and assess a course of action. In my experience as a performer, the best way to prepare for your presentation is to rehearse. Rehearsal is a process that involves failing almost as many times as you succeed. You’ll try, fail, adjust, learn, succeed, and try again. But by the end of this process, your presentation or speech will no longer feel like a challenge. Together, we’ll break down your presentation into small, manageable pieces and you’ll practice your speech to me as a stand-in for your future audience. We’ll discuss and practice narrative structure, rhetorical devices, language, and ensure your delivery is fluid, precise, and compelling. And then you’ll go out and you’ll succeed. I look forward to working with you.
From the convenience of your own home or offline, we’ll meet through online video conferencing for one-hour meetings on a schedule of your choosing. Whether there’s a specific presentation you’re preparing for or seeking to shape and perfect your general speaking skills, we’ll work together to ensure you’re prepared for whatever communication challenge you encounter. Our one-on-one sessions will affect both your personal and professional life by not only making you a more valuable member and leader of your company, but will also underline your skills in general conversation and make you a more impactful storyteller.
Past clients of mine have met for a single one-hour meeting and signed off with the knowledge and confidence they needed to succeed. Others have chosen to meet for an hour a month for an extended amount of time. There are also clients that I work with regularly that choose to meet on an ongoing basis to improve and build upon their skills and make sure they’re comfortable and confident for whatever speaking challenges come their way.
Whether you feel like you need this service to underline an already present skill or if you’re ready to master the basics of becoming a more valuable, effective communicator, call today to schedule a time that works best for you. I’m ready to combine my skills and experiences as a successful actor and trial consultant with an individualized plan to work together to meet your communication goals.
A Single Coaching Session starts from $250.00 and lasts for 45 minutes.