Why joining this community?

Nadia founded the Doers Global Community  in an effort of creating a global community of like-minded people and create social awareness of how we can re wire our brain to be happy and succesful.

The main concept of this community is to have your personal coaches in every step you need it, when you are feeling troubled, when you are on a diet and you want that muffin, when you just broke up and you feel alone or if you are an entrepreneur and you need some guidance to keep going.

I have news for you people YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This service is to ensure that you have me with you every day.

What you get everyday?

The subscription fee is $9.95 monthly or $100,00 per year. You will get tips for a better improved  lifestyle, quotes, support, global network, participation in events and one seminar for free per week in various subjects like business, mindset, goals setting, digital marketing, education, money, lifestyle etc.

The most amazing thing is that the members have the chance to meet Nadia and her team in person  in London or any other part of the world where we will be hosting an event of our community! Th emission is  to empower people to unleash their inner power, be able to control their mind and achieve their goals.

If we are able to control and manage our own thoughts then we will choose the outcome of our daily routine. Does it sounds wow? I know, right? Because it is simple as that, with coaching, discussion’s webinars, and daily tips you will get there.

Press the link above on your left and subscribe! 

Our Moto as in Meliselli Foundation are:

Be a Dreamer

Be Grateful

Be Respectful 

We are the DOERS!

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