Nadia Themis is one of the most sought-after motivational people.  Her professional and friendly network extends all around the world.  She brings people together like a conduit.  She is trusted by global businesses to design and deliver business-expanding, life-changing, interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth.

She has just finished her first book, a novel about a woman’s travelling stories.  She has started writing her second book which relates to how we can re wire our brain to be happy  and successful.

The Ultimate Thriving Machine
The Ultimate Thriving Machine

Rapport is powered by Nadia

Nadia’s hero, in common with most girls, is her father, Menelaos.  She comes from a poor family and had to deal with a lot of hardships.  She experienced a difficult divorce, having her ex-husband lurking to take her down.  She overcame anorexia and bulimia.  She was always asking questions about time, what makes people happy or sad, how can I be rich?

Who likes living in poverty?  She was age 15 before she got new clothes.  Until then, she and her sister were wearing second-hand clothes and shoes.  She is a fighter and a survivor, simply because she didn’t have any other choice; either she would survive or live in desperation.  Her ‘Life Drive’ is so intense; you have to meet her to understand how intense.

She was regularly asking her father questions like ‘how can I be rich?’  He spoke as an uneducated man but with so much knowledge about history politics.  He used to support the left wing and he taught her about the art of humanity.  After the age of 15, she became a capitalist, inspired by her values and applying them into her business life.

His advice was:

“In life, Nadia, two things can help you thrive: money and connections.  You dont have money, but you have a lively spirit, [a] hunger to conquer the world.  You can only achieve that by being a good human, honour always your values and CREATE AS MANY CONNECTIONS as you can.  You dont have to make money from them, but you can make friends who might help you at a stage of your life.  If they dont, then you have good friends around the world.”

Then he lifted her up turned her around and told her: “See the world, Nadia, dream!  Dream is living!” 

She started her career as an assistant manager in a Financial Services company and has been dealing with hundreds of investment portfolios.  Nadia has many clients in different industries such as pharmaceutical, trading, media, Forex, publishing, training, oil & gas, investments and banking, etc.  After living in Bermuda, Tunisia and New York, she is now based in London. Nadia Themis and her team, they provide professional services in coaching / training, communication skills, built rapport, networking, to help you ‘Grow & Engage your Network’.

Why work with Nadia?

You will be energized for life with confidence, strong will and love. When she connects you with a client , an associate or your potential best friend, believe me it will be forever.  Meet her and you will confirm that for yourself.


Joining media world
Nadia is currently one of ICN’s and former TV Host at journalist based in London. Her articles drive and motivate thousands of people. She has founded the non-profit organization MELISELLI FOUNDATION (inspired from her parents names Melis and Elli) for the empowerment, social education and motivation of youngsters from the age of 10 years or older. She used to interview  #LOVEPEOPLE having guests from all over the globe are able to share their stories in order to inspire and motivate people. She believes people must be active and aware and for this reason she created the @doersglobalcommunity, where people can join and share their experiences and meet like-minded people globally. Being a crazy traveler herself and her love of bringing people together, she thought many people will find this community helpful. You can get knowledge, experts advising you at the price of a cappuccino! 

Nadia has experience in finance for 21 years and worked as as financial advisor. She is also a performance speaker, journalist, TV personality with the credibility and experience to deliver the goods for audiences of all shapes and sizes. “She is into performance coaching; motivational training to innovation summits, coaching / training in communication, leadership, team-building, conferences, networking events. She will work with you to create an unforgettable, high energy and momentum-driven event that reinforces brand and sponsor objectives, delivers fresh, actionable content and engages and entertains your attendees as your speaker.

She is your conduit to the “NEW WORLD”. A new “normal” is coming and you need to be ready.

Global Community
Nadia Themis founded a few clubs in an effort to create communities of like-minded people and create social awareness.

Nadia always loved networking and meeting people.  This later became her specialism and profession.  She created the LONDON WOMEN’S BUSINESS NETWORKING GROUP with 635 members!

Then she created DOERS GLOBAL COMMUNITY.  Members get tips, ideas, quotes, inspiration for a better lifestyle, support, network access and participation in events for just GBP £9.95 a month, which also includes one webinar per month in any subject they choose from a variety of subjects listed on the platform.  The most amazing thing is that the members who live in the UK have the chance to meet Nadia in person once a month in London for 1 hour discussion and 1 hour socializing.

We all have the need to belong somewhere and she wants to help people realize that they are not alone and changing our lives is up to us.  She knows what it means to feel lonely.  You can subscribe by clicking the SUBSCRIBE box above left on the title bar.

Nadia has a bachelor in business management from the University of Portsmouth, an MBA in corporate law from Ecole Superiuer, life coaching certificate from ICA, graduated a series of UCL subjects, Member of STEP, and was nominated as the best Individual Coach by EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).  She is a journalist at ICN (International Coaching News) and a former hostess at HellenicTV show (London).  She is a single mum of two kids, Ellie and Elias, who are her best coachees – she has been coaching them since the day they were born!

Being a woman, she has the advantage of multitasking and she likes wearing a lot of “hats”: the hat of Professional Networker, Performance Coach, Trainer, Wealth Planner, of Mum, of friend, of daughter, of sister…!  Yes, it is possible to wear many hats, as long as you can manage each one separately.  Her family are the eagle team and they mean everything to her.

Nadia Themis