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At the very young age I was dreaming the world and was wondering how it looks like. The big cities like Paris, New York, Athens, Rome, and London for which so many Cypriots were talking about. At that time it seems impossible to travel, we hardly had money to survive as family not traveling. My parents were not much in traveling. Priorities they keep saying to us and traveling was never in our priorities list. I remember having an old globe, which I was spinning it and stop it with my finger pointing out the place that I was going to visit. Physically it was difficult so I was “visiting” it mentally.

Having no internet that time, I needed to be satisfied with the books, t.v. and my rich imagination.

Today being in Bermuda for business, quite far from home I realized that I am a traveler and I am living what I have dreamed of. I had a discussion with a local friend and colleague life coach. We were sharing our views about a workshop that we are contacting. The theme is Work –Life balance and that moment I realized that, that was kept me moving and got me here was my vision of traveling! It wasn’t about making money or being successful and worldwide well known but being a simple traveler! I realized how much I love traveling and meeting new people with different cultures with so many interesting stories to share.

While I am in Bermuda they are having some local issues and it was like I was back home and discussing the same things. It is amazing that we are in different continents with the same concerns and worries. We are not different, no matter our origin, our skin colour, our native language but we are all humans with the same problems. People here are so friendly, caring and loving. They are living in a paradise. Is Paradise getting used to though after living in it for a while? Everywhere is green and next to it the blue green sea. Small roads like the old cities. They haven’t changed their culture, their style they have kept their personality as people. Although it is a very multinational business island, they have managed to keep their culture and yet friendly to foreigners. They are very business oriented and they make you feel like home. They face crisis too like everywhere in the globe but they don’t lose their smile.

The island is very small nearly 60.000 people with amazing view from every angle you are on the island. The main city calls Hamilton where is the business centre of the island, and the harbour. There are huge companies their headquarters on the island. I took the ferry and went to Dockyards where in summer must be full of people in swim suits! Definitively I want to be here in summer. Although I am coming from an island too, it is very different and people remain friendly and welcoming to others. Even young kids are very polite and smiley faces.

Last night, we were eating in an Italian restaurant and my surprise was when we were listening to Greek music! Nearly get me on the table and dance. I was so happy, I felt like home and that moment it was once again confirmed the fact that we all are the same.

This financial crisis, it is not only in Europe, Cyprus, Greece, Italy etc but it is all spread to the globe. We were all borrowing money that we couldn’t actually pay off. Once somebody said that the best way to control people is by lending them money and own everything they own. Well he was right; we are all slaves of the banks and loans. They still haven’t got our most precious thing, which is our soul. So, let’s garden it and make proper choices now in our life. Maybe it is our second chance in life.

Its up to us, how we will leave and we will make our choices. Travelling for me is my life goal, it sets me free. So, that’s why I decided to start sharing with you my travelling stories and pictures. I will publish them here at my blog about my experiences and stories of local people around the globe. We are all transnationals but some of us just haven’t realized that. So, I will try to “transfer” you to those places for who that they cannot go.

The traveller NT

PS: Thank you to my inspiration!

Nadia Themis Blog - Traveling

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