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Where is Love? - Nadia Themis
Nadia Themis Blog - Love
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Guess where am I? Where else? in Starbucks at Union square New York and writing my book. I was inspired and decisive that today, was going to be THE day. Where I would finish my book because I know that you need to read it. It’s our story! In the mean time, while I am sitting here, based on a conversation I had from a client of mine in coaching here in New York, I was inspired to write this article. She asked me:

What happens to love when is gone?

Laughing loud because I realized once again that love is maybe the main thing that troubles all of us, maybe consuming the biggest part of our time.

As I have mentioned many times, I like watching people and listening to their stories, lets say I study the human race. It’s like a hobby actually, so coming back to my clients question, by sitting and watching people passing by the park here, sunshine lovely day today. I was thinking how much time we have lost thinking about the bad whys? Why she left me, why he left me? Why we broke up? Why I lost my job, my house, my dog, my purity and the list never ends!!

Love doesn’t go anywhere! Love is within our souls, lies within our inner self. If someone broke up with us, it doesn’t mean necessarily that he or she doesn’t love us anymore but maybe that circle of erotic love is finished and we need to go to the next one. Love has many forms, you might still love which means caring, and look after someone but you might not want to have sex with him/her anymore. We could analyze for endless hours concerning the reasons that might lead a couple to that point, but now is not the time and you have always the choice to hire a Life or Relationship coach to assist you. Do not take decisions for your life based on your friends opinions, because you only know what is best for you. Just remember that everyone will comment based on their life experience so have this in mind please next time you will ask from someone their opinion.

My point today, is that by watching the people and sitting below the sun I want to share with you, where love goes when e broke up from a relationship. Love is still in us and we need to find by loving our self. Only then you will be free from the thoughts of why and analysis of what might have lead you to the broke up. We should embrace our mistakes, analyze and create awareness but then move on!!!!! I have a rule of THREE days, months, hours but never three years!! Then you have no excuse but the fact that you like being in that position of feeling sorry for yourself.

Life is moments that are already missing and is here knocking our door, why you keep her waiting and you don’t just open the door to your new life? I know it takes times to digest the new facts in life, I know because I have been there! I know the feeling believe me. The only thing that I regret for my past was that i didn’t take actions sooner. That’s why I am sharing this with you today, to take action and embrace your life.

Nadia Themis Blog - Love, Couple

We should be focus on our personal growth and happiness and not rely on others lives. It might seem very difficult for few people to understand this but hey, if you don’t start changing this mindset then you will never change the results, right?

It’s like what Einstein said, you can’t accept having success, when you constantly doing the same thing which leads to failure.

We need to adapt in new circumstances and investigate how we can turn these into positive actions for us. Some people are not meant to be in our lives, but they are meant to be a part of it. Learn from that and keep moving FORWARD because it is all about YOU.

Thank you and have great happy moments of joy!

PS: If you like this article share it with you friends! This is what LOVE is, caring for others.

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