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Is this picture upside down? Or do we have the wrong angle?

Coming from the global business world, among successful people, that means if we count success based on how many figures it is your bank account balance, and then with this meaning I met lot of successful people. Most of them were and still are my clients. Although their amazing career, I was surprised that many of them didn’t save money that they could have easily done. Many of them reached the age of 65 and still worrying about their pension funds, instead of enjoying your precious family moment.

Nadia Themis Blog - Financial Coaching, Family Moments

Adapting my method in financial coaching, will assist you to learn the rules how to win this money game as a friend of mine was telling me years now. It’s a simple process which will help you to save money and thrive at the same time. Savings or smart investments should be your comfort pillar, so when you go to bed at night, you wont worry about next day bills. It is not scientifically difficult methods but it is changing or reforming our perspective towards money.

Our relationship with money is our key to success of our pension fund. Treat them like a game, came through discussing with many people mostly in finance, and their common phrase was that they don’t approach money as buying power but as it is marks in a poker game. It is like monopoly a friend CPA was saying to me, mentioned him above already. Few years back I couldn’t really got it, but the last years reforming my perspective to money, I admit that indeed it is like monopoly.

What is Financial Coaching?

“Financial Coaching Is a Collaborative, Educational Relationship That Empowers You to Achieve Financial Freedom”

I have 17 years experience in the financial world industry, with many down falls and up-falls. My experience says that it is good as long as we are young to make money easier, but what happens when we reach the age of 65? Then things start changing. Our perspective of life looks different, and that moment, we realize that we didn’t take advantage our productive period in our life. Of course, who doesn’t desire an amazing luxury overwhelming lifestyle? Everyone, but saving few bucks daily doesn’t mean that you will be starving. On the contrary, you look after for yourself like you want to look after your kids, your parents. It is your treat.

Its not a secret that if we spent less than what we earn and invest them correctly, we will have financial freedom.

The problem isn’t knowing what to do – the problem is getting there. Financial coaching can also accelerate your wealth building by taking the most efficient, effective actions toward achieving your goals.

Financial coaching isn’t the latest “get-rich-quick” gimmick or trendy how-to seminar that’s supposed to reveal the “secrets of the rich”. The secret is there are no secrets. Financial coaching bridges that gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to produce action.

Check below how you can get your “monopoli plan” a unique program designed by Nadia Themis Coaching

Before going to Monopoli Plan I would like to remind you something that usually we keep forgetting, as Tony wrote in his book recently and I have been doing this from the day maybe I was born.

Remember, clarity is power. When your brain knows a real number, your conscious mind will figure out a way to get there. You know now the income you need to be financially secure, vital and independent. So, what happens when we dream big?

If I asked you know how much you need to feel financial secure and never work again, probably you would say 10 million! I bet that you need much less of what you are thinking write now.

“Financial Freedom would mean you are independent, you’ve got everything you have today, plus two or three significant luxuries you want in the future, and you don’t have to work to pay for them either.” To get there you need to understand your own needs and your own whys? You need bigger house, you want to travel constantly? You want a yacht? You want to educate your children at the best schools?

Putting a price on our dreams might seem too much in the beginning but that’s what our Monopoly Plan is, to get there.

I would say an example write down what you need to feel financial secure and free:

  1. Luxury item @1 per month ……………..…$ ………………………..
  2. Luxury item (indluding kids luxury) @2 per month …………………..$ ……………………..
  3. Family needs @per month ……………………………………..$…………………….
  4. Debts @per month  ……………………………..$ …………………………
  5. Donation per month ………………………$ ……………………….


  • Monthly income for Financial Independence
    (Whatever you have calculated annually divided by 12) $…………………. per month
  • Total monthly income number
    For financial freedom $…………………per month

If you want to be financially free then choose one of the below packages but i have a special gift for Summer!!!

My special SUMMER gift plan of 100 DAYS duration, costs only 495.00 USD and includes the following:

  • Savings Calculator forms
  • Debts calculator forms
  • Personal finance calculators
  • Credit card and debt payoff calculators
  • Personal reward plan
  • My personal guidance and support weekly
  • Rewards table from me and reflection process
  • Acknowledgement of your results

Be in our Live Show ILOVEPEOPLE and tell us your story!! Promote your business and save money!

5% return of your money, if you have reached your goal!

Yes, that is my reward to you. Get your gift now!

“Monopoli Plan” can your best buddy . You will have my constantly support through the process for whole 100 days and tips for a lifetime as from the moment you invest on Monopoli Plan you become immediately our subscriber upon your confirmation and you will be on our special member list simply because you are special.

Now you have the chance to give your friends and family literally a VALUABLE VOUCHER GIFT! Believe me they will thank you later!

If you give Monopoli Plan as voucher you will have 5% discount on your own plan, and that means you SAVE 10% in total!! Isn’t that amazing?

Book now your free coaching session!

You can schedule your appointment by completing the form below with the following information:

  1. List three dates and times that are convenient for your calendar. You should budget up to one hour for the strategy session even though it may last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour – depending on need. Consultations are limited to 9 am -4 pm CST Mon.-Fri. so please request your time within those guidelines. Because I have clients from all over the world, please express all times in Central time to minimize confusion. Thanks.
  2. Include a brief note about yourself and what you’re looking to get out of financial coaching. A high level overview that briefly explains your situation and needs is all that is needed. Nothing long – just a few brief sentences will do.
  3. Double-check and triple-check your email address for accuracy so that I can respond. Please use only your primary email address

How much really you price your FUTURE FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

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