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Time - Nadia Themis
Nadia Themis Blog - Time

I was reading an article in the newspaper regarding time. It was very interesting. The writer was describing how we conceive time and by reading that a picture pop in my mind, from a movie that I adore at the age of 16. “The dead poets’ society” called the movie, where the professor stood up on the chair in the class and asked his students to follow him by doing the same. Everything seemed different from that angle of view, from the chair. You can see that things are not flat, you have clarity of what is going on around on. At least this is how I conceived all this experience and wanted to share it with you.

Many times through the week, I admit that i try Mr. Captain’s (professor) method and doing this. Try to organise my mind by dividing my thoughts in a categories. By standing on the chair you can see that categories are so clear. Everything then start to makes sense. The confusion, frustration goes away because you know what you have to deal with and the how you will find it on the way.

The most precious thing in our life it is TIME. How many times have you heard the phrase “Time is money”, have you ever thought about why time is money? I believe that time it is what we have and we need to utilize it on our best benefit.

Steve Jobs said that when he was very sick getting to the end of his life, he said that the only thing that was taking with him were the moments of his family, the “time” that he spent with them and he wished that he would love to had more time.

Our time is precious; we should treat it like our treasure. We should not spend our time with people that are not positive around us and they don’t really care about us. We should start to learn say NO. How many times you had calls or meetings with friends or anyone with whom you didn’t really wanted to meet and you couldn’t wait the moment to leave?

In the old days I can remember myself being in this awkward situation and i wasn’t feeling good. Everything changed from the day that I learned to say NO to them and say YES to me. I admit I felt free. Sometimes, we might feel bad because we might have disappointed some people but isn’t worst if we disappoint ourselves? Shouldn’t be better to spend that “time” with our life partner, with our kids, with ourselves?

Nadia Themis Blog - Time

When I was a kid my favorite game to observe time. I was looking my watch and when one minute passed, I was noting it down, saying that this moment has passed and won’t return. When i was passing the trees in the street, people, i was thinking that those moments is called past. That moments wont be repeated and cannot be changed them. I was trying to understand who defines and what time is at the age of 5.

When the day comes to the end, sit back relax and think if you have devoted your day time as you really wanted and what was the gain there for you. If it helps you then write them down. Then visualize how that day time spent could have be more efficient for you. Then, next day try to apply what you learned the previous day. We can make money, we can have family and share our love, we can have a life partner believe me we can have everything as long as we organise our time based on what we want for us. Have your self the centre of your world.

Come on! Stand on the chair and visualize your life categories and divide your time.

PS: “I would like to say thank you to my partner that helps me to have more clarity in life”

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