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Break the chains through Transformational Coaching - Nadia Themis
Nadia Themis Blog - Transformational Coaching

Sitting in a coffeehouse near the ferry terminal in Hamilton City at Bermuda, I wonder seeing all these people about where they are going, from where they are coming. What is their story? Everyone has a unique story. Isn’t that amazing how unique we all are but we don’t realize it. Take a moment and think about it, no one of us has the same story with someone else. There is great power behind this uniqueness if we are just aware of it.

So, really there is no one scenario for all of us but a scenario for each one of us. Who decides the plot of this scenario? Wow, it is just us. I know it’s amazing and at the same time scary. Can we handle all this responsibility and not be able to blame anyone else. But we can also get the whole credit for us too. It took me a while to realize the power that I have being unique. It took me lot of hours coaching and meditation the visualization. Create awareness is not that easy but from the other hand who said that it would be easy. I can assure though that when you go through this journey of awareness you will find everything much more easily than before. Because nothing would be able to stop you since you have already been there, right?

Many times in my life doctors, friends, family said that I dream too big and they still keep saying that to be honest, that I can’t do what I want because it’s impossible or its too “big”, then I look at them as it was yesterday and I say “look at me trying, even if I fail I will try again and again because simply I will fly at the end where pain of falling will be less each time till there is no more falling. But the feeling of victory will be unique as much as unique I am. I deserve this uniqueness and i will do the best of it”.

They didn’t teach us to dream, they didn’t teach us to be persistent and get our goals, they didn’t teach us to truly love and respect our needs and wants, ourselves. Now we are all grownups and they say that we should be also mature too. Who is responsible now for my decisions, your decisions? Having all these underlying beliefs that we all carry from our own culture, religion family it is much more difficult to be able and break these chains. Sometimes this procedure might be painful but the result is guaranteed rewarding.

Through transformational coaching you can break these chains and be able to reveal your true self. Through methods and my support as your coach in this amazing journey will be one life’s experience. You can succeed all that you have ever dreamed of but you need to believe and try. I can be your training coach, you are not alone.

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Nadia Themis – Transformational Executive Coach / Trainer

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