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Today in the morning going to work, I was parking my car where a dozen of birds were flying above me. I went out of the car stand there and was watching them. They seem so free, flying everywhere. One of them was very near me and was looking at me. I tried to reach him but it flew away few meters further from me.

I admit that I was envy for their freedom that they can fly anytime anywhere they decide or they have their boundaries too? Is what we see, what really is?

Can we be “birds” in our life? Or are we too much afraid of letting ourselves free to fly. Many times in friends discussion we are referring a lot to comfort zone, but what is confront zone? Who defines it? Why we need to put comfort zone? Do we need labels to operate as human beings?

From very young age, I couldn’t understand why there are limits to everything and I am referring in imagination, dreaming and vision. Why not be able to fly and open our wings wherever we want? The world is so big, the sky is unlimited.

Who defines your flying boundaries? Comfort zone is it just a phrase that people created so we can justify our cowardness to fly?

Flying for each of us it is totally a different meaning. For me flying it is travelling, it is love, it is challenge to do things, to empower people, to help less fortunate people, spread dream and hope. What flying means to you?

It is our choice to “stay” in our comfort zone and at the age of 60 we will be saying “I always wanted to be a pilot, to have a boat, to travel etc”.

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