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How many times, did you attempt to quit smoking or wanted to start a diet and join a gym? I have a client whom I really thank for letting me write this article for her, I will not reveal her real name though.

“Monica” is a 42 year old woman, successful marketer for her age and well known. She used to be a fanatic smoker, the word gym was unknown to her and she was eating lots of fast food. Many times, whilst she was coming to our sessions for business coaching, I remember her saying “I will never smoke again and I will not eat junk food”.

The last few years she was having lots of stomach problems. Next session she was repeating the same things but still doing them. Monica is a very strong and happy person, sessions with her is just fun and full of new experiences.

One day she was very upset and frustrated, she could not sit or stand well. Her stomach was in great pain and all her body was feeling sick. She wasn’t sick though and she couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. She was following the doctor’s treatment. Then as we were discussing and we were “fishing ” around regarding her health condition, she jumped up and said that she wanted to explore her health through our sessions, through coaching her exact words were.

“Maybe, it is not about business’s stressing maybe it is me as a whole human being! Nadia, I don’t care about business, I can’t work anyway the way I feel, please make me understand what it is wrong.” I was so proud of her, because this was my point and she found it on her own. This is coaching! This is the self awareness that we are talking about.

Coaching is about creating awareness and explores your options, your personal development. It was Monica’s awareness that something was wrong besides her stomach, something more important. Her soul, her inner self needed assistance, needed guidance.

I can assure you now that Monica, after a while through our sessions, she is much better, her stomach is feeling better, she started the gym but the most important part is not that she is not frustrated anymore. At least not all the time but when she is frustrated, she has trained herself through coaching how to manage her reactions, how to control stress and use it as her friend and not as her enemy. How to turn negative to positive.

Monica’s story says that no matter what we will do, doctors, plastic surgeons, relationships, jobs, money nothing will mean anything to us unless we first understand our real needs and wants. Learn who we are, our strengths and our weakness and train our self to be happy. We might find many excuses not to start coaching sessions, or visit a specialist like I don’t have time, I don’t have money but if you think about it we spent more money and time at doctors rather on us.

Don’t make up excuses but instead make up your map life and start following your instinct

Nadia Themis

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles

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