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Have you ever felt that moment when you go to your room and nobody is watching you and you feel like you don’t really recognize yourself? When you are watching yourself in the mirror does it make you wonder who’s that face is, what s/he wants, what is s/he is after?

Then you wake up next day, go to work, smile talk but you are not really there, people seems like strangers or like puppets that are throwing a show that was written by someone else. You don’t like that, this is not you and this makes you feel weird, like an alien among aliens!

Being in a world that everything is set, everything is written and everyone not they just accept it but they support it too. Then it is not easy for people that they do want to break these chains and get out of the box out of the castle that they were building us for so many years. It is like trying to hold a lion under drugs and keep it in a cage. Lions must be free out there and run with no limit.

Have you ever considered when a person is more motivated? When they pass a difficult time and they decide that they need to ‘wake’ up, get up and break the barriers of the box and risk to live out of the comfort zone that they were taught. The comfort zone, it is just prison in different words. Who decides what comfort is for you, who decide what your box is?

I need money, I need job, I can’t chase my dreams because I don have anymore a dream. I need to survive! I heard these words so many times and after few months when we are working together in coaching, these words are replaced with ‘I can’t believe that I am working and I am feeling good’, ‘I want more of life, of me’ ‘Is this me that am smiling?’ By chasing your dreams through personal development and empowerment does not mean that you won’t have any unpleasant moments in life but you will know how to manage these moments in order not to harm yourself, on the contrast you will embrace yourself and understand him/her. Peace indeed lies within us, everything else it is excuses to play with our mind.

The doctor said: ‘Nadia you need to accept the fact that your life won’t be the same, you won’t be able to jogging, going to the gym, drive lot of hours, stand a lot. Your body won’t be strong like before’. I was devastated, because it was like saying to an Eagle that will not fly again. This was the second serious car accident in my life, last October 2013 again an Angel was protecting me and my son at that time. So, I said maybe that is destiny? Maybe I shall hire a driver, I thought!!

The next few days, I was like I have given up everything and the doctors words was coming in my mind. The third day, I woke up washed my face and staring at me in the mirror. Then I shake my head to throw out of my brain the doctor, and decide to put my own words. I format and update my brain with my methods. I was repeating everyday the same words, every day ‘You decide if you will run again, you are a lion with no cage. It is not destiny, I decide my destiny’.

I admit it wasn’t easy and only my family was there for me, my friends most of them at least couldn’t understand what I was facing, they didn’t even try actually but I have forgiven them.

A day like tomorrow 15/08/2014, while i was laughing with friends and driving peacefully when suddenly a drunken person was driving very fast and was coming towards me. It is still too painful for me to describe my feelings that moment, but what I need to admit is that I was frozen. The next three months I couldn’t sleep from pain and the nightmares, I was like a zombie in the house. I couldn’t wear my socks, put my shoes I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t walk properly. I was doing my therapies but when I finished them, I was again almost like before. I needed lot of empowerment, inner strength to get up and try again and again.

After a year past, after a very difficult battle with myself with the help of a gym coach, physiotherapy I am good and I can run again. I am not in my best shape but I won’t stop, the only thing that can stop us it is us and no one else.

Yes, I dare to risk and break the comfort zone and get out to really living. Live and if you make a mistake that means that you are alive. That is why coaching for me is liberty, freedom and I want to spread the word that yes we do choose what we will be and sometimes very bad things happen, but they do happen for a reason, lets understand the reason and try to turn negative to positive.

If our life line is flat that means we are living dead,
and you don’t know when you will be really dead.
Love with passion like there is no tomorrow, because there might not be tomorrow.

Nadia Themis

Whoever feels like had the same experiences, please free to contact me. I can understand alien people, I am one of them.

Transform yourself to whomever you wish, you won’t know unless you try.

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