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While you are driving the car, you can see the trees, leaving your behind, the sun is shining at you with its warm sunshine on your face, the wind is touching softly your hair and blend them with him. You can smell the flowers; hear the birds, the soft piano music playing on your radio. You feel so peaceful and you are trying to pause, freeze this moment. This is a moment of a glimpse of happiness. You feel your body chilling and so much intense feelings of existing.

It is so powerful and at the same time so scary this feeling of being, being you. You stop the car and get of it, you are walking on the road with no shoes, feeling the stones and mad on your toes, the gravity, the heat of the earth. You touch calmly the flowers, you smell them and you stand on the sun to feel the heat on your face. Something magic is happening and you cannot understand what that is exactly.

You feel calm, fulfilled and scared at the same time. Is that real?, what is this that it is happening. We all grow up with rules and guidelines, where everything must have a meaning, logic behind that, an explanation. You move your head like trying to get out these thoughts of your mind; it is an obstacle in your moment of happiness.

I don’t need an explanation, I don’t need rules to make me feel alive, make me feel that I exist, make me feel the sun on my face, the mad and stones on my toes.

The only thing I need it is me and my peace full mind. It is me and my moment of happiness. Do we need to have logic beyond everything? Is there logic beyond happiness and existence?

The logic is us and what makes us feel calm and in peace. The logic is you.

Nadia Themis

PS: Thank you for reading my story, it is very personal for me and i wanted to share it with you and spread the word that we don’t need to give explanations and meanings to everything. Just stand under the sun and feel your existence.

Create your own moments of happiness; if you don’t know the way join me on this journey and you will enjoy your existence. You have three FREE sessions on skype, just try at least you will know.

Nadia Themis

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