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This is called visualization of our goals. When we visualize our goal and we feel what we want to feel, that means that we are near to achieve it. We have clear picture of what we want and what we want to feel. Emotions are very important to make the right decisions and goal setting. Try the below method.

Be in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and calm. Sometimes, music can assist you or we have tape recorders with the instructions and we arrange group and private visualization meetings. If you like to join us or get our recordings please contact us at

Sit comfortably and try to relax, try to focus on your breathing. Breathe in and focus on a spot that you might feel tense, or pain breath out trying to take away the pain and tension. Do this for ten times, then breathe in and take the air down to your legs which are touching the floor, breathe out and let the air go through your legs, do these for ten times.

If you are not relaxed repeat till you feel calm, keep your eyes closed. Then, visualize yourself in a moment or place that you feel comfortable, happy and relax. Then visualize how you would like to see yourself the next three months. This is based on each person’s goal, vision, and dream.

Enjoy and remember:

Peace lies within us.

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