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What is the difference between leader and no leader? In my opinion there is only one difference and i called it WILL. A leader never gives up and as he is keep getting disappointments and discouragement, the more he insists.

People will try to discourage us, “steal” our ideas and thoughts, they will try to put you down but we should not never leave these “distractions” to stop us from reaching our goal. Our goal should be our primary task no matter what we will find on our way.

When you find a tree on your way home, you don’t think ways of going back but you are thinking ways to over come this obstacle/ tree and go home. Your only thought is you going home. This is leadership!

Every body can be a leader, but who has the guts of keep trying no matter what? You need to believe in you and stay focus on your personal development and work on it. Usually the things in life with great value, comes with the not that easy way but as Abraham Lincoln said “The best thing about future is that it comes one day at a time”.

“Failure it is the stepping stone to success.

Nadia Themis

What differentiates the successful people from the people who have failed, is their grade of will and persistence.

So, we decide what we want to be. Leading is about leading yourself wherever you decide, it is not just leading a company or a group. Its is about us and what lies within us.

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