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Have you ever been with someone and as soon as you left that appointment, you were feeling dizzy, low energy level, not in good mood? Have you thought why that happened? No, i don’t think so that it is the coffee to blame for. Many times we are surrounded by people who suck our energy and we have not idea that this is happening when it is happening.

Energy vampires as we called them, are very dangerous for our health. We need to be aware of these “vampires” and be able to treat them with caution and care so they do not affect us.

On the other hand by having around us people who inspire us, then we are full of energy and feeling contempt. So, take five minutes and think carefully of the people that surrounds you, the decide who are the “vampires” and who inspires you and have a coffee with the inspire people. I also call them my “organic mental” food! If you don’t have someone to inspire you, then please call me (Skype: nadia1.themistokleous) because i know someone that knows the best of you. How do i know that? I can see it in you. The greater inspiration it is inside us but many times we cannot see it.

Have a lovely Friday with good organic food!
Skype: Nadia1. themistokleous

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