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I want to be a millionaire, I want a big house, I want to be famous, I want an airplane, I want Brad Pitt as my husband, I want Angelina Jolie as my wife, I want the perfect job, I want to get married, I want to travel to the moon etc. These might be few goals and dreams that some people might have. By trying reaching these goals, we forget the daily goals that will lead us to our desired result.

Daily, we are having lot of wins and achievements that we don’t acknowledge them and therefore we don’t recognize them. Have you ever stop whatever you are doing and just think in silence of what you might have achieved through the day? If we don’t acknowledged of what we have achieved, then no one else can do it for us and therefore no one can acknowledge us.

When was the last time that you did something to thank yourself? Check below a brief exercise that might assist you in establishing more acknowledgment:

  • Start from today by writing down on a paper your weekly goals in bullet points based on priority urgency.
  • Then on Friday lunch time go through again that list and write next to each bullet point comment of what you have done.
  • Lastly, please observe in which goal you have spent more time and then you might realize exactly which you priorities are and you can celebrate any small achievement you will definitely have achieved.

Please i will be glad to sent me email at or Skype me nadia.themistokleous1 to discuss anything you might be thinking. Or I f you need any assistance with the exercise.

Baby steps lead us to our dream goal, to fulfillment

Nadia Themis

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