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A few years ago at Tel Aviv I was part of the magic world, the world of fairies! Peter Pan and his friends along with the fairies were dancing around me and calling me to fly with them! It was an amazing shop, where i spent nearly 2 hours just feeling the magic and feeling like a fairy! I bought the sculpture of the picture below.

Nadia Themis Blog - Listen, see, speak

If we try to apply each of this virtue in our lives, i truly believe that we will be very lucky and blessed. Being aware of when we should talk, when we should speak and when we should “see”, then we might be able to dare and say that we can be truly happy. Effective communication apply in every moment of our life. It can solve so many problems and help us to move on with less burden and full of energy for new adventures or sustain a great adventure!

We need to be aware of “us” in order to know the other people and be able to understand and communicate effectively with them.

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