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Getting inspired by listening to Frank Sinatra’s lovely magic voice. Who always manages to travel me in New York, Rome, Athens like sitting on a magic carpet makes me feeling the magic of being alive and visionary. Many times people may say to you that you are dreaming the impossible, they might even find you weird. Then again, you can look at them and smile because you know that you can do whatever you are dreaming of, you can indeed vision your life and love every moment of it.

The bad and difficult times will be only to make you stronger and more determine to follow your instinct and write the script of your own movie, your own Life.Even in the most perfect “happy” movies there are also the bad moments. After a thunderstorm, the sun rises up and makes everything seems easier and prettier. We need the thunderstorms so we can appreciate our efforts and the sun’s real value. Once someone said to me that I wont make it, but here I am.

Dreaming is Living.

“If i make it there , i can make it anywhere…” So, have you found your own “New York”?

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