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Sunday Afternoon, I was having my tea at Zappeio, where it is like a small paradise in the center of Athens I would say. It is an amazing place full of trees from all over the world,you could hear to the birds singing with melodic tunes and people walking peacefully. In this amazing environment ideas and feelings of creativity were conquering my mind, a blast of ideas. Have this ever happened to you?

Having ideas for setting up a business or how to apply in reality your idea, your dream but you don’t how to execute it?. How to make money? You need funding but you don’t how to get them? Procedures, costs and many other important factors that you need to consider before implementing your vision.

Business coaching is a way to guide you based on your own ideas and thoughts of how you can achieve this. Here in we combine the business know- how, tax & financial issues, empowerment, funding, legal, networking worldwide etc. We guide you how to make your dreams real from the scratch. We unblock you mind and together we make the diagram of your thoughts. You decide if you are Picasso or just a painter.

Some business men may be already established and success but these people probably needs more a business coach since we know that most of the times the success brings lot of stress, anxiety and pressure. By having peace we are more capable to deal with our daily and important matters either concern our Company or our life. Everything is connected, one body one soul.

An idea it is an idea, we need to put it in words and then make it an act. If not, then it will be always remembered as a good idea! Don’t keep yourself blocked in the thoughts procedure, be courageous and make the next step. Dare and claim your right to Vision, your right to live as you have dreamed off!

Join us and take advantage of our free session Skype call or personal meeting.
Explore your options before you reject them and Share your anxieties, it make them less powerful!

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