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Most of us we live pretending. We are living the life that somebody else taught us. It’s safe and quite, rather risk it and be dare to DREAM! We say no to something that we have never listened, we say I have tried but have we? Or this is just an excuse because we are afraid of failure?

You can have the life that you admire in other people, in magazines and movies. Have you decided that you deserve this kind of life? Have you decided to say yes to your life? Discover yourself; discover your abilities do not hide yourself from you. Yes, many times we will feel like we fail, disappointments, and your family might be looking down on you, friends have discourage you, your parents might not be there for you. But what does it matter, it is you. You matters and you must decide what you want because you decide how you talk, you decide how you write, how you score, how you drive, how you are! You are powerful and unique! That point feeling the disappointments, you must stretch out, it is a testing for you not a STOP sign but just a test for your limits. Life is hard and cruel sometimes but don’t allow distractions in your path. How people look at you but you must REMEMBER that you must pass this through because you have a VISION you have FAITH in yourself. Most of the people you admire had many bad moments in their lives but came back and make it better than last time because they saw “failure” as lessons to be smarter next time because they had faith in themselves. There are no failures but new opportunities.

Many people will tell you that you cannot do it, but you know something? If you want something just go and get it! But yes that point we must not forget our DREAM, our goal. We must stand up, gather our courage and move on because you know that WINNING IS A HABIT.

Get up dress up and admire yourself because you can do whatever you DECIDE that you want to do.

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