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Good morning and have a wonderful day! I was reading an article this morning about Maps, Rules of Happiness, Rules of Life and various others “rules”, lists of do and don’t.

I was wondering whether we do need Rules, whether we need guidance from someone who has decided to write these Rules! People many times feel like that they need guidelines and rules in order to feel more organized and efficient probably. Which i totally agree with this tactic and i do support it. Although, I have to admit that sometimes i was spending more time to set down the Rules than i actually doing them. The point is who decides these rules and why. If we decide that we do need Rules and that makes us feel happy, organized and fulfilled then we should have and follow them. Do we know if these are Rules made by us or someone else impose them to us?

I would say that the Rule of Life is to CREATE our own Rules and to do or not to do list based on our own needs and lifestyle. Not based on how we were grown up, society’s beliefs, friends etc.

We set short term goals, vision them, plan and then start achieving them.

If you can visualize it, then you can do it

Nadia Themis

Lets draw our own map life and follow its directions. Where do we want to be at the end of this year?

I am a big fun of short term maps of life. My experience has proven me that nothing is stable and that things change rapidly. So, my Rule is being focus on short term goals and drawing my map in order to succeed them. Believe i usually do succeed them. This method is amazing and extremely efficient. In the past i had also a list of rules of life called 5Bs:

  1. Be Creative (be visionary)
  2. Be Decisive (explore options)
  3. Be Bold (action)
  4. Be You (passion)
  5. Be focus (consistent)

Sometimes i do follow the 5Bs but sometimes I change them because life is not stable, life is not following loyal the Rules that we set years ago or because someone wrote them and seem to us being wise words. We need to understand that we have the power to decide our own Rules and draw our own map of actions. We decide whether we stick on the map or reconsider of changing few “elements” of our map, which we will call them challenges and deal with them. These challenges will lead us to another direction, that might be even more interesting than the previous one. Nothing happens by accident, our instinct knows where is leading us. We should be clear with us in order to listen to it.

I would challenge you today to spare 15 minutes of your time and write down your 4-5 short term Rules, goals i would rather say than rules that you will follow for the next 10 days and let me know your comments. I will share mine too.

Thank you!
Nadia Themis

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