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Nadia Themis Blog - Real Love
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Few days ago, I was in Athens, Greece. I was surrounded by the ancient Greeks and I could feel their passion, agony, drama. This is what fascinates me in Athens, every street is full of history. As I was walking towards Akropolis street, I was looking and observing people walking or sitting to the cafes. You could see that they were laughing with effort to hide their sadness but you could see it in their eyes, some others were drifting away lost in their thoughts, and others just having their wine and enjoying the view.

Then my attention was driven into a small cafe with white wooden tables like a bistro cafe with flowers everywhere and having view Parthenonas. A lady sitting there has got my attention and I went next to her without knowing what drove me there. She was wearing a white dress, short hair, big blue eyes, and long earrings and smoking her cigarette with calmness. That which got my attention was her smile, it was mysterious and honest. She was like a Greek Goddess, so elegant and so simple at the same time. I asked her if I could treat her a glass of wine and sit with her as long as the wine lasts. In the beginning she looked at me weird but then she waved me to sit.

She was 75 years old and used to be a lawyer in Athens. She told few stories of her travellings. I love stories and travelling and while I was listening to her I was feeling as a child at the age of 8 years old, full of curiosity and excitement. She lived one year in Italy and was telling how much passionate people are the Italians and that she always admiring them for the style. The poorest Italian she said to me was dressed in style. It is in their DNA like us the Greeks it is in our DNA to curse and she laughed loudly.

Then I asked her why she was smiling few minutes before. She smiled again but with sadness this time in her eyes. “Dear Nadia, in this sit that you are sitting now, few years ago my lovely husband was sitting” and she had a little wine, light up a cigarette and continue saying “I loved him, he was a good man, a true gentleman. You see Nadia, I was smiling because I felt happy even that I miss him terribly, I felt blessed because I had the luck to meet real love, not like these people you see around us”. Then I said: “Why Mrs Danae, what is wrong with these people? What is real love?” She looked at me and with tears in her blue big wrinkled eyes and said. “My dear, with my husband we had tough times, we passed through war and hunger, we had nothing and yet Nadia I never remember fight for money or anything else. Love my dear is to never feel afraid to “felt down” because you have your other half to grab and hold you. Love him with no restrictions and not to want to change him but love him as he is the first time you meet him. My husband Thomas had very short temper and was perfectionist! Everything should be in order in the house, but I knew that he loved me and I never take things personally and get offended. Sometimes I was teasing him and mess around his things just to make him angry for few minutes but later on he got my joke and the joke was on me. Even his negatives like being a perfectionist, I miss it now. I knew that if I fell he would grab and hold me no matter what and that meant everything to me”. She stood up, took her brown bag, touch gently my face and with her honest warm blue eyes look at me and said “I wish you my dear, to find a real and pure man, that will grab you if you fall”. Then she turned and walk away, I was looking at her till she was “lost” in the dark street of Akropolis.

I had so many different feelings that moment, I was overwhelmed from her. Indeed nowadays people has check lists of what they want mainly on career, money, prospective of changing the other person. So, what do we love at the need? The prosective of a person that will be after our “make over”. Maybe it is better to order it online! I share this story with you because it reminded me and I wanted to remind you too, that we should never give up of what we want but firstly we need to know what do we want.

Is what we look after, what we really want? Have we ever thought what is what we want and need? What is important for us?

Thank you for reading this and please leave your comments and stories if you like.

PS: The picture below is not Mrs Danae as she didn’t want me to post her photo.

Nadia Themis Blog - Old couple love

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