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The Fear of Success - Nadia Themis
Nadia Themis Blog - Fear of Success
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My hot espresso was right in front of me, having this beautiful smell of coffee aroma. Isn’t it amazing how the smell of coffee powers up your brain and can wake you up before the caffeine enters your body? People were walking down the street. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Last February I was about to meet Constantinos, one of my dearest friends, at Pralina café in Limassol. We have been friends for more than a decade and he is one of the craziest and most loyal friends of mine. The truth is that I feel him as part of my family.

After hugging each other, we enjoyed our coffee and of course had a discussion about everything: politics, philosophy, relationships, finance and more topics you cannot even imagine. The topic of our conversation shifted to my upcoming trip to New York, my excitement for it but at the same time the feeling of stress and doubt that were troubling me. Constantinos said to me: “Don’t be afraid, Nadia! Everything is going to be okay”. I looked at him a bit surprised and answered that I was already aware of the fact that everything was going to be okay. One of my personal characteristics is the fact I usually have everything under control and perform the right actions that will help me to achieve my goals. This is called STRATEGY and I dare to say that I’m very good at it. I had to be like that in order to survive several difficulties I faced during my childhood.

He held my hand, stared deep into my eyes and said: “You have been through a lot in your life, you worked hard, you struggled and you deserve the best. It’s okay to feel stressed, which is a feeling not different than “the fear of success”.

How many times have you been close to achieving your goal but you constantly feel anxious and stressed? I know that feeling. When I was about to give my first speech, when I coached successfully my first client, I nearly fainted. Your fear might be caused due to thoughts you make, for example: if you are able to handle your success, if you can really stand out there, if you can expose your story. I am a person that has to share my own stories in order to motivate others, but there are few things that have really marked my life and are still unspoken. I will share those stories with you as soon as I feel ready.

It’s okay to be afraid, it is okay to feel stress when you are about to start something new. This applies even in personal life. After being single for many years, I find it difficult to get myself into a new relationship. We need time to adjust to our new reality and when it comes to relationships, it takes two to tango thus we can’t really manage the situation on our own. We have to follow our partner and at the same time, our partner has to follow us too. It also depends on how badly we want someone to be in our life. The same thing applies for goals and how badly you want to achieve something.

Just breathe, relax, take your time but no longer than 3 days or 3 weeks (remember #3Rules) and start planning your future. You should be happy when you are feeling fear, because this is a sign that you are a step closer to your dream. This should be your new reality from now on. Every day we choose our reality. YOU are the one to choose and no one else. If you need someone to support you, then think the possibility to start some coaching sessions either with me or anyone else. If you choose me as your personal coach then you are extra lucky because you got yourself a new friend, it is not just serve you as your personal coach, but I will also hug you meet and have an espresso together. We will not be just business partners but also family, I you choose to be. We are doers globally, we are changing the world together.

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