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Everyone has a story. Travelling with the train, you see so many faces. You can feel some people looking others weirdly, but trying not to be obvious seen, a trying  to judge descriptively, if there is a such thing. I can see the pain in their faces, I can feel some of them  their heart beating fast and others slow.

Who are we to judge? A lady opposite me Korean I think the origin, beautiful lady  with a nice designed tattoo red rose  in her right hand. Round black eye glasses and a nice long dress black and white. Next to her a girl blonde, probably a student she sings loud. She is in pain, disappointed and can feel her desire ration.

Two guys entered the train, drunk and holding booze. Yes it’s not allowed but the rest of the people trying to be polite. They are laughing, the smell is little bit annoying but they are harmless. Their fave are read and their eyes ready to pop out.

Then me wearing my shinning shoes, with a grey weird shakes long skirt and my big round  grey hat. I wonder what they think of me. Probably they will think “from which era, did she arrived?”

We all have a story. Don’t let others wrote your own story. No one can feel what you are feeling. No one knows you better than you. They don’t have to accept it but they have to respect it. Whatever that is, believe even lately many people don’t understand me and my fashion style or my way of thinking you know what? I DON’T REALLY CARE!I need to mention though, that after a 10 minute discussion with me, usually they agree with me. As long as I don’t offend anyone, well I haven’t embrace the naked fashion style yet.

Love your body, love your soul LOVE WHO YOU ARE. We all live once, at least let’s act as we feel like it. Who are they to judge you? Before you get stressed ask yourself, How their opinion will value and serve my life? If the answer is negative then don’t bother. If it’s positive, then think and get the positive message from their comment.

Sometimes they don’t judge us negatively but it is how we perceive it based on our true view of our self. Mirroring as we say. Let’s control our emotions, projections and mirror. A great performer must first perform to him/herself, that what all is matter.

Thank you


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