The commuter
15 October 2019

Running to get on the train
The story of my life yes, finally you made it!
Sitting down, breathing heavily from running
Take 3-4 minutes to relax and here we go
Instagram, Twitter but not for long
Sometimes I get tired from social media
Greetings to our lovely friends with
Good morning and smiley emojis
Time for the beats, let’s travel
Listening to the Dancing Queen and you travel to Your own world, Funny isn’t it?

No one knows what we are thinking, just sitting next to each other without
Knowing what is in each others’ head
We all choose the world we want to live in.. to travel…

Now, I am traveling with Coldplay and Clocks… in the streets of New York..
Just walking fast… watching people passing by… and then someone is staring at me…
I stopped, time, music everything stopped
This is called magic.To be continue…
Enjoy your world and journey
Don’t feel fear, let your imagination going wild!

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