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During lockdown like most of you, I am sure you have watched like nearly all series on Netflix and maybe a Star Wars marathon trilogy? Or it was just me and my son? It is been a very interesting period for all of us, I am sure. One day you wake up feeling like you want to conquer the world and the next day you don’t even want to get out of bed. So many mixed emotions, anyone relates to this? At some point even crisps and wine didn’t taste good. Even when we were allowed to go at the park, some days you just felt too bored to go out.

Through this interesting experience though, and after watching one of my old favorite series “Dynasty” do you remember that? Amazing plot, murders, backstabbing, wealth, happiness and misery at the same time. It was interesting for my book which I am writing, at least something good came out of the lockdown. It is regarding how we can re wire our brain in order to be happy and creating self awareness.

So, I was thinking how much damage this brainwash process has done to us all these years. Media is the most powerful weapon, it can uplift or destroy anyone. Even now with Covid-19, now in UK they are talking about a second wave, and they are panicking people. Well, tell that when it is happening if it will happen, or get stricter measures! Things are quite simple, but going back to the brainwashing process.

We created in our head an imaginary perfect lifestyle, most podcasts, articles, books are referring to success and how to make money or better say how to become a millionaire. Of course, we need money but first you need your good health in order to enjoy anything and I think you can be really happy without being a millionaire. My observation through my traveling and living in many countries like Tunisia, Bermuda, Slovenia, Israel, Switzerland, New York, and UK is that wherever you go and how high you may reach business wise, if you are not truly happy with yourself, and your life, no achievement will ever be enough.

There are poor people who are unhappy and there are rich people who are unhappy. I told you there is no easy way out you need to have a deep inner conversation with the person you see every day in the mirror.

My take away from the conversation in the mirror, was I have started writing books again, change the theme of my you tube channel (see below the link), be a more active blogger, where I can share daily stories, our stories and feelings, about life, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, relationships, mindfulness and business. I have always been doing few things, and it is possible! I still run my corporate business, being a writer, a performance coach and a Single Mum!  If you can multitasking then do it, don’t ask anyone’s else approval. There is no recipe to success, you must find you own recipe with some guidance if you must. Get a mentor, a coach but you have to listen to you inner voice still. Check out the 4W Theory, on my website, if you like.

What I missed most from my time being on media, while I was hosting my own TV Show at a local station based inLondon, U.K. Hellenic T.V. was the interaction, that I had with people and the ability to share their stories. Funny thing but since I was a child I used to go to the local coffeeshop (Kafene in Greek) and was listening to the people’s stories especially about the World War, and writing about them in my journal. This brought me joy.

Few months ago, a good friend and client of mine passed away. He was young, intelligent, brilliant mind with amazing prospects lay in front of him, but God had different plans for him, my friend’s plans remained as plans, never a reality. We don’t know when our deadline is, and that is why we must enjoy as much as we can.

No one knows where life may take us, but what I know is that life it is a roller coaster and can’t wait for the next ride. Full of up and down, but what it matters is that we always find the way to get up and keep going. It is easier though when you love your life and have people around you to support and push you even further.

Thank you


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