Dear friends, please note that the below blog post is part of my book, which is referring in various ways of how we can rewire our brain. The book will be publish in August 2020.

 You have a structure waking in the morning, you wash yourself, brush your teeth, drink tea /coffee, maybe a quick bite of breakfast or just a snack bar or banana on the train. Does this look familiar to you? The best thing is to have your clothes ready from the previous day and here is so many times I might wear a suit and tie sometimes. Men are just so lucky, so simple, at least they look simple!

You feel comfortable and determined because you know that everything you do has a deadline. Even the morning routine I briefly described above has a deadline. You know that when you finish your tea, you will get your breakfast, keys, bag and your train card or car keys. How does that make you feel? Deadline is the biggest enemy of procrastination.


If you have a deadline, then you have a deadline! Meaning that you need to finish your project, housework, design in a certain time. Some people like to challenge themselves and leave it until the last moment to do something, and that is me too. When I had exams at school or university, I was always studying at the last moment, Why? Because I work better under pressure, crazy I know. Stress for me can be a driving force because I am used to my survival instinct. When I have limited time, my instinct comes up to the surface and activates the need for survival, the feeling of urgency. This is a kind of dangerous tactic, but it works for some of us. I have to admit, though, that through the years I have wired myself and give myself a little bit more time than before, because this reduces your stress level, you are more focused and your result will be much better than trying to doing a project that should take 7 days in just 3 days. I would like, though, to say something that maybe a few of you will not agree with: we don’t have to change everything we do or our being.

When I am talking about rewiring, changing your mindset, etc., I am strictly referring to the habits, thoughts and process of thinking which disable our driving force to push us forward towards a better life. We don’t have to change ourselves, after all it is us!

Many mistakes I have made were due to the fact that I didn’t have a strict deadline. I was writing my goals and then moving my deadline next week and next week because I was so much into everything, that I never completed all the tasks. There is a saying you can serve two masters, well in my case I was serving like 10! And this is not possible. At least if you want to succeed in the tasks, you need to prioritize. Now I am doing this using the WALL OF THOUGHTS, which is analysed in the book.


Importance of deadlines in achieving your goals cannot be refuted. Whether a personal or professional task, it is hard to achieve without a realistic deadline. Deadlines are like a challenge that you must win. So, whenever you are committed to some project, set yourself a deadline to accomplish it in a better way. Here we have gathered some inspirational quotes about deadlines to learn more about its significance.


Write down a project you had where you didn’t have a deadline, how did that work for you?

Write down a project that you did had a deadline?


Which one was more effective and successful?


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