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Test drive with a Tesla guy - Nadia Themis

“My father was violent, and he has his issues”. Many times, his name appeared in many discussions I had, especially with my son Elias. Elias once said that  he is very intelligent but something I don’t get is that some love him and others hate him. This morning, as I usually do when I wake up, I surfed on LinkedIn and Twitter to update myself about the world but mainly the challenging but exciting financial industry.

My eyes dropped onto his name and image on an article in Linkedin, and I thought needed to read about this guy and see what he is made of. Why does everyone make such a big fuss about him. Surprisingly, it showed that him and I have so many things in common. Think that I was not once of his big fans, and yet we are so alike.

Do you have any idea who I am talking about? It’s Elon Musk, who was born in South Africa, his parents divorced at the age of 10 and as he himself said he didn’t have a bad childhood but he did not have a happy one either. Most of you already know his path and outstanding success as an entrepreneur. As an observer, constant researcher of human behaviour and a high performance life coach, I will talk about Elon Musk, the human being, the man behind Tesla. Don’t worry it won’t take long. I just want to plant a seed of thought with you.

Elon Musk is an introvert and used to feeling comfortable in his own space, which is the field of engineering, innovation and business. He has so many things to offer as a man which is love and affection. I am sure many times women don’t get him. Probably that’s why his personal life is not as successful as it deserves to be. You know restless people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Gary Vee, even myself, and many others I know that are not that famous but that doesn’t make them less successful or restless. These types of people do not easily find people to understand them. When Elon Musk says he loves his time in his bathroom because he is checking his emails, I know it’s hilarious when he doesn’t like long meetings which will not add value to his day or work, his morning routine checking his “critical” emails first. No big lunch breaks and usually always eating while working. I said “Oh my god, Elon are you my brother?”.

Being restless and ambitious has nothing to do with if you are a multimillionaire or not yet. It has to do with that inner fire burning inside you. That feeling that you feel that you can fly and touch the stars. This spark that never goes away no matter what challenges you may face.

Despite their continued successes, people like Elon Musk are just human beings who want to love and be loved. I felt this pain when in one of his interviews where he said, “It’s painful, to be non-stop, it hurts my brain and my heart”. In that moment, to be honest, I just wanted to hug him. The reason that I work with so many high calibre people is the fact that these restless people need coaching more than others, an outlet if you will(?). You might be the equivalent of a guru in your chosen field but when you go home, it is just you by yourself, trapped on your own mind. How many times have you had an amazing successful day at work, but when you were alone it didn’t really mean anything to you because you had no-one or because no-other truly understands you? Or those moments when you are constantly working, and something goes wrong. That moment when you feel pressure, but you do not want to share this with your associates, friends or even a loved one. Something is better not to be told perhaps? Believe me, I know some emotions should be confidential sometimes, left in your own head. How do these amazing people handle this turbulence inside them? They need people who understand them and are willing to listen without judgement.

When he mentioned Louis Armstrong and how sad he was about the disapproval he had from Louis Armstrong, who was one of his inspirations for inventing Space X, Elon’s eyes watered. He really loves what he is doing, and I am glad to have met him, but he is clearly reflective about everything else he wants to achieve, inner happiness perhaps? He is a very sensitive man, admirable for his restlessness. I am offering him my coaching anytime he wants. It might sound funny to you, but I would really like to be his performance coach, I’m sure we will cross paths soon. That would be a great challenge for the both of us.

He inspired my Saturday and definitely will talk to my son, to change his mind, as he wants to be an entrepreneur himself and make a difference to the world.

Thank you

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