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Hustle with Love & Joy - Nadia Themis
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What it comes into your mind when you hear the word hustle? The words business, restless, success, running, brainstorming, thinkers, doers, risk takers etc.? The word ‘hustle’ means that you would work hard and move fast every day. It means you will do things other people won’t do, and you do them with a sense of joy and purpose because you love it. It means working smarter.

Will you describe yourself as a hustler? For me, being a hustler does not only mean to hustle in business but also hustle with life. I am therefore going to give a holistic definition to hustling.

Can we combine being a hustler and have a meaningful relationship at the same time? Many years back, I perceived being in a relationship as a distraction for my mission and my goals, and up to a point I was right. What I was missing out on though was the fact that it is not the relationship that acts as a distraction, but the person. Have I confused you? Let me explain. When you are in a relationship with a like-minded person, who “gets” you and understands your passion, your dreams and supports you then the relationship will actually be an amazing empowering force.

However, in 2020, and with this pandemic haunting us like a dark cloud on our head, the meaning of a substantial and fulfilling relationship probably acquires a deeper substance in our lives.

I would also like to add that communication is extremely important in a relationship with us hustlers and restless people. Plus the fact that the other person needs to be patient with us. If you don’t communicate your thoughts, what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy then there will be clouds in the relationship and that will or can create clouds in your business life too or maybe even a storm.

Tips that help communication for a better understanding:

  1. No one is a psychic, remember they cannot predict your thoughts and feelings
  2. Different backgrounds, they don’t know how we grow up, values, principles etc
  3. Women vs Men – We’re totally different human beings!
  4. Be friends, feel yourself completely
  5. See him/her with pure love and respect

We are all different people probably coming from different worlds, so we need to educate each other in what we like and what we don’t like. Many times, people may describe relationships as a complicated issue to address or handle, or maybe it is our fear talking or maybe we haven’t found the right person for us. I would say that we are all simple, as long as we really want to be with someone then you yourself will listen, you will study their culture, eat their food, understand their path in life and their struggles. We all have a past and a unique story to tell. We have been created by our past, but it does not define our future. On the contrary we learnt from our mistakes and we want to make it right this time. Fear can come in many forms, don’t allow fear to destroy your life and relationships by miscommunicating your message to your partner.


Here are a few tips I consider very important  a relationship based on my experiences and as the hustler that I am,

Common interests

Common goals

Like minded- “speak the same language”


Be on the same page

True Love

Be able to feel your “jam”

Have your personal routine and have a together routine too

You can’t force someone to be in a relationship if they don’t want to and you should not wait for them anyway! We all have our own time clock and time scales to do things. The last thing is be patient, something that I am still working on myself, but if you believe that someone is worth the wait then wait but be careful not be tricked by false messages or false hopes.

If you think you may need some support in your relationship, mainly how to communicate your message and be heard, or how to be a hustler and enjoy love too, then send me an email: admin@nadiathemis.com

Check out my videos on my You Tube channel for how we can improve our communication skills.  Remember you are enough, you don’t need anyone’s else approval but we all need supportive people in our life. Have faith in yourself, have faith in God and everything will fall into place. Amen brothers and sisters.

Thank you


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