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CR7 - Confident or Arrogant? - Nadia Themis

Football! It is my favourite sport, and my best player is Ronaldo. I liked an interview he recently gave. The reporter asked him whom he admires and considers to be the best footballer. He said “myself”. I loved it! We have been taught that if we believe in ourselves and talk about it that we are cocky and arrogant. I totally disagree with that. We should feel proud of ourselves and trust ourselves and what we excel in. Ronaldo has a long illustrious career that justifies his own opinion.

Even if it didn’t justify it, that it is his opinion. I am sure there are many of you now disagreeing with me, as many people do not like Ronaldo as they perceive him as arrogant.

I admire strong men that they know who they are, and they claim their title. This is all manhood is about, to know who you are and own it.

After all, not all people will like us, so why not be who we want to be. This goes for women too. A few years back in 2017, when I was living in New York, I had a friend called Shiny who unfortunately is not with us anymore. She is an angel watching us from above. Shiny, was transsexual, she used to be John. She said to me once, “Nadia, I grew up feeling sorry for who I was, feeling sorry of what I wanted to become, feeling sorry for even breathing. Now, at the age of 40 I became who I was supposed to be all these years. Do not let your life go to waste. We only live once”.

Shiny, passed away due to illness at the age of 44. She lived 4 years of happiness and 40 years of suppression, abuse and depression. Why? I will never stop shouting the fact that we are unique, and we should all follow our destiny. I admire Ronaldo, that the has the courage to say what others don’t dare to say. His truth, and for me he is the best player and a great businessman as well.

Here are a few ways to boost your confidence:

  1. Create an achievement board. (I will write a whole article about this) – to remind yourself of your personal achievements so far and that it is not just about money
  2. Realize that you are unique
  3. Your life is your life, let no one else decide for what you will do
  4. Choose the partner you want to choose not based on you family or friends’ preferences
  5. YOU ARE NOT IMMORTAL. Unfortunately, I am a big fan of superheroes, but we are not immortal. We can die, so enjoy life before that happens
  6. Do not waste your time. Your time is the most precious asset you have in life. Treasure it well
  7. Do not compromise your dreams because some looser said that to you. Listen to those that you really admire, and you want to be like them.

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