Suddenly the sky looks brighter, the roses smell nicer, the birds are singing louder! What’s happening the young lady wearing a big round white hat thought! Oh no! She is in love! Does this scene sound familiar to you? So, that’s how it goes, you fall in love, you think that h/she is the one, and then after few dates if you are lucky enough to have those, you realize that h/she is not the one (unless they are!).

Many times, we meet people who make us feel special, right? And that is might be empowered by the fact that we may have not been treated well in the past by our former partners. For some people certain things look like normal and to other looks like amazing and this is based on our previous experiences. And suddenly because this new person makes us feel good with ourselves, we suddenly think that h/she is the one! Is him/her though? We are special anyway and why should we need anyone’s appraisal. Of course, the ideal relationship is to be with someone who supports you, motivates you and believes in you, at least that s what my belief. Someone who can make you feel like you can fly.

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First of all we are like few other billion people. Therefore, I don’t really stick to the theory of the “one”, but I do believe in love and that there is someone for everyone out there. As a friend once told me “you have to kiss many frogs until you find the prince”. Well, I am not sure if he will come to me by riding a shining proud horse or holding a pint of beer in his hand, (prefer the second choice) but I certainly haven’t met him yet. Maybe he got stuck at the pub! You reckon?

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Love some people say is complicated; well not me! Actually, is so simple! It’s like coffee, right? Either you like black coffee, or you don’t. Either you like Salt & Vinegar crisps or you don’t. You can’t be like “I sort of like it! ” Relationships can become more complicated than simple because we all carry our emotional baggage and “broken pieces.” It is a process, which should be enjoyable not hard. Some people may even say that the timing is not right. Well, I am not sure about that. Is there ever the perfect timing for a relationship? For a business? I think like in business you need to jump in. We cannot force anyone to love us or us to be forced to love someone. No matter the case is, we need to respect other people wishes.

What does everyone want in life? Their kids, if they have any to grow and have a happy life doing something they love, and be with someone who respects and love them dearly. For your work to go fine, have some savings for the rainy days, and finally no one wants to grow old alone right?

Maybe we should be more careful to the kind of “prince / “princess” that we are looking for. I know sometimes you get so excited when you meet someone so similar to you. You feel like s/he is your soulmate. Life though might have had different plans for you, not for you to be together.

I am not an expert, but I believe that in any kind of relationship we need to put in some effort. I am a doer so for me there is always another way and to some people this might sound kind of annoying. Either it is a romantic one or a friendship. I love meeting up with friends, it makes my life better and happier especially meeting people who gets you and you are completely your true self.

If someone has no time for you for any reason, as perfect as they might look to you, you only have once choice. No matter how hard sit is, you need  to move on. Take your heart with you and move on. There is someone out there who wants to see and spend time with you without making you feel suffocated. Sometimes commitment can be little bit scary I know. I feel it too, especially being on your own 14years.  For others that’s not an issue. Some people want to move in together after a few weeks of relationship. There is no perfect recipe for love.

Sometimes we stay friends with someone and sometimes we don’t. If a person deserves to be your friend and the other way around, then definitely keep them as your friend and cherish this friendship, but don’t stay stuck in dreaming or listening to the birds singing.

Maybe that person came to your life for a different reason. Friendzone him/her, smile and move on. It might sound ridiculous to you but yes it might hurt to stay friends, but you if you love them deeply, and you want what is best for them, that means that you will respect their wishes.

It might be tough but not impossible. Try to rationalize the situation and try to keep emotions out of this. Also, most of the time we give the situation or relationship more value that its true value. So, don’t be a drama queen without a reason! After all, life is a basket of experience. So, add this experience in your basket learn from it and go to the next one. I will close with two of my quotes from years ago.

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“You think you found the one until the next one”

“I lock my emotions in a safe place, and I open my heart to you as your true friend forever”

Than you fore reading my blog! Subscribe if you like and remember to keep smiling. Life is beautiful and we are blessed to be alive. Pain is part of the game, it makes us stronger.




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