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There is a British saying which goes many years back, “Change is as good as a rest”. It was
mainly applied to a change related to job or a career shift, but I will also apply it in other parts
of our life.

Think of yourself being in a particular position for very long time, doing the same thing every
day, the same routine. Actually, you might dare to say that you look like a robot. What, you think that
this won’t at some point of your life come back and  hit you on the head? It will if it didn’t happen
already. Most of the times you are not even able to recognise what’s happening, you are feeling
frustrated, but you cannot define the reason of your frustration, the root of the problem.

Then everything is a pain in the arse, you don’t like your husband, you don’t like your hair, you
don’t like anything in your life. Even your favourite lamp in the living room looks annoying. The
problem is not your surroundings but how and what you are feeling inside you. Do you remember
the moment that you had a great success, or the moment that you were in love? Everything
was shining, birds were singing, and you felt as if you could fly. You even liked your mad hair
and the few extra pounds, right? Why? Because you were feeling happy.

That’s the problem when we feel unhappy or unsatisfied with our life then everything looks
doomed and ugly to us. They feel as everything is a burden. So, here the saying comes in. We
need a change and we need to be re-born again. We were not born to live every day the same,
right? Do you remember the Truman Show? Do you want your life to be like Truman’s and the
day when you will die comes and you have that feeling that you have done nothing in your life
except working and paying the bills?

Of course, we must work and pay the bills. Bills are not bad, they provide us with water,
electricity. Some our fellow human beings are working because of our bills. The point is to do
something that we enjoy, even if that means for us to earn less money. Feeling stuck and
miserable will not change unless you decide to change it. Usually we don’t feel comfortable of changes because it means we have to jump out of our comfort zone. Fear is the worst enemy.

I will tell you how I overcome my fears

1. What if I failed? I will try again and again
2. There must be another way
3. I prefer to fail than to have regrets
4. I don’t really care of what others will say. My life, my choices
5. Learn from your past, but you have to let it go as well. Make space for new things or
people to come into your life
6. I want to really live before I die, because we all will die one day, and we don’t even
when that day will be. So live and stop being drama queens/kings

A few years ago, when I was facing especially tough health challenges, that was my moto when I realized that I will be alive. I will live as there is no tomorrow. I will chase my dreams, succeed, maybe even
fail at times but the only thing that I will never do is to give up on myself.

Life is full of challenges people; God is testing us all the time. But I have promised myself years
ago since I was 5 years old, that I will never give up on me. I will never stop living, whatever
challenges that I might have to face. That’s what I am trying to pass on to my children, family,
friends and the professionals I work with. Life is a journey, a roller coaster. Either you will enjoy
the ride, or you won’t.

If you are feeling stuck, miserable and tired then maybe you need a change, maybe even
change the country you live, a job, a house. Perhaps re-decorate your house, your room, create
a safe place, welcome people who love you and don’t shut them out, just make a change.

I would like to thank my very dear friend who inspired me to write this blog post. He is an a amazing man.

You are not dead yet, so stop acting as if you are.

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