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No one owes you anything and you don't owe anything to anyone - Nadia Themis
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You never think that your time is limited until the moment a doctor tells you that you may have few months to live. Well, that moment your heart stops and your brain can’t stop of thinking funerals, what to do before you die …

You don’t really like the above scenario, do you? Well, I had that scenario three times so far in my life, but I got lucky. Every day we should be grateful that we are cancer free, that we are able to smell, taste, hear, touch, feel. 

We are the only people responsible for our own happiness, we shouldn’t’ rely our happiness and mental status on others’ people behaviour. 

We all want to love and be loved, but we must first love ourself then anyone else. We are the most important person in our life. If you have kids for example, if you are not healthy, happy then how you will be able to support and protect your children, right?

There might be a Mr Big or a Mrs Big out there like in the Sex in the City, but let’s first focus on ourself, grow and succeed as a person and then we can meet Mr Big or Mrs Big.

Love your life, Live with passion…you never know when the end will come

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