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How to find Love - Destiny or a coincidence? - Nadia Themis
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First I would suggest make a cup of coffee or tea, sit comfortably, relax, and listen to this amazing love story. Let’s travel into 2 people’s hearts.

Sit back and Relax

Love! Probably the most spoken word in the world and something that we all need. In my experience I would say that the most important assets we have in life is our health, time and love.

Love makes everything looks better, it is the spice in life, isn’t it? Me as always I am trying to figure out our existence and human behaviour. I was having a discussion with a colleague and she told me her love story. I felt the need to share it with you. It’s a beautiful story, and once again I am realizing how stupidly romantic I am. But hey that’s me!

I will call her Amanda for obvious reasons. So Amanda, met a guy on an online dating app. Things didn’t really work out, but let’s hear Amanda’s words.

Relax and enjoy!

“So, I had been single for around 3 years, I had a lot of body confidence issues and was quite overweight, I was doing my hardest to lose weight and I was gradually losing. I built up the courage to join some dating sites, which is why I joined Tinder. I started speaking to a guy called Steven, and we were speaking for a very short time. We spoke about meeting, but my body confidence issues got the best of me and I ended up ghosting and deleting my account without saying a word to him.

It happened to all of us, right? hahaha

I then continued on my healthy lifestyle journey, I managed to lose 5 stone in a year and was feeling great about myself. I wasn’t on any dating sites, but I did want to meet someone. So I took the opportunity and joined Badoo, but I literally deleted it after 24 hours because, even though I had lost so much weight and was feeling good about myself, I still had confidence issues with how others saw me. During those 24hours I saw Steven on Badoo, (remember Steven guys, yes that  guy!) but didn’t speak to him because I felt like he would remember me and remember that I had ghosted him last time, so I just instantly deleted the account on Badoo.

Choose a partner who make you feel calm and lovable.

I then moved in with my parents during the first lockdown so I wouldn’t be alone. My mum owns a shop and, because that was closed during the first lockdown, she was still doing deliveries to customers, so she ended up having her stock delivered to her house, which resulted in Steven delivering her stock to her house. (Come on guys, is this a coincidence really!!!)

I opened the door, and saw him there with all of this yarn, and I instantly recognised his face, he looked at me and as he turned back to go to his van to get more of the stock he tripped up our little step and let out this really cute giggle, it was so endearing. He then got into the back of his van and I was just watching him. I then heard these noises coming from the inside of his van and all of a sudden a piece of his equipment came flying out the back of the van which made me laugh. Then he fell out the back of his van, he was so clumsy.

After he left I couldn’t stop thinking about this clumsy giggly guy and remembered I had seen him on Badoo a while ago and wondered if I created an account would he still be on there, so I created an account and found him instantly. He just popped up on the swipe section, so I just took the courage to message him. I was relieved he messaged me back, part of me thought maybe he didn’t actually remember me from a year ago and Tinder, but we decided to meet the following day during his lunch break as he did a lot of deliveries where I lived. I met him during his lunch break, just to see if either of us would be interested in an actual date, after the meet we decided to go on our first date the following day, and during that first date we were both so shy, so nervous. It was adorable that we were both behaving that way, but we really hit it off.

We later discovered that he did remember me from Tinder when he came to deliver to my mum’s shop and he thought it was hilarious that I “stalked” him on Badoo after he had come to my house. He even agreed at the time when we spoke on Tinder he wasn’t in the best place either to really meet someone long-term, so it was clearly not the right time for us back then.

But now we’ve been together for the last 2 years, we live together and we are expecting our first baby”

Well if you want my opinion, I do believe in destiny and that some people come to our life for a reason and sometimes you meet a man or a woman and just feel that electrifying connection. You don’t understand why, but you can’t deny that energy flowing into your body. When you see them you feel those butterflies and everything around you looks brighter and happier.

I got inspired by this story. As you probably know dating can be brutal and disappointing.  Amanda gave me this hope again that there is love and there is someone out there for each one of us. Relationships can be challenging, especially if with peopme from different cultures. But if the foundation is strong and you truly love each other then everything will just fall into  place.

Don’t give up on love and don’t compromise. You deserve to love and be loved.

Fall in love and trust your heart.

Love & light


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