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The last few days I have been going through few tough challenges and I realized two things or better say two observations. That we are getting comfortable living a specific lifestyle and we are forgetting our life purpose, we are forgetting of who we are.

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Have I lost you? Let me explain, when you get comfortable you stop chasing anymore, you don’t have that urge every morning to wake up and go after your dreams. Is it you being lazy? Definitely not! It is natural when you are comfortable to lay your defenses down and rest for a while without having that feeling of the chase. But I remember few years ago that was the feeling that kept me going, that was the feeling that it motivated me every day. Some people have to have a meaning of their life and I am in that category myself. If you are like me, then by not following your life purpose it will might lead to depression and that feeling of something is missing.

Of course we need rest and sometimes it can be quite tiring and draining to be in the chase all the time. I totally get that and I have done it myself many times. The other observation that I have made is that through the years if we let our defenses down we may allow to other people dictate to us how we should be living our life. Now be careful that doesn’t mean it will be giving you a direct order! It will be indirectly telling you what to do, what you like or what you don’t like.

That’s the trap! Because when you are getting comfortable you will allow this to happen because you may say “I am comfortable now and I can’t get bothered” then it is the moment that you have lost your voice. By saying not to get comfortable It doesn’t mean that you must be on the run all the time. It means that you are living your life based on your own terms. You are living your life based on your own principles, values and ethics.

When I was growing my Dad was keep telling me that the most important asset I have in my life is my integrity. It takes guts to follow your own principles and stay loyal to your self, but I would never change that for all the money in the world.

My life purpose is to wake up every morning look at myself into the mirror and feeling proud, to give the right example to my kids. We never bend our head down by simply saying that that’s life and we can’t do anything about it!

No! Life is want we make it to be or else what’s the point?

Go back when you were a child and remind of yourself of what you wanted to achieve when you were going to be an adult. Remind yourself of who you are. Live your life based on your ow terms and conditions.

Love & light


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