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Hey guys, i have been through hell few times so far and i have decided to sharing my stories with you through my blog, you tube, tik tok, instagram and facebook. We are all in this together. I am a qualified Life coach, a TV presenter and a lifestyle blogger. You know that girl next door who never gives up and smiling every day? That’s me. Having two amazing challenging teenagers and a life to handle! Join me and let’s enjoy the journey.

I love traveling, food, fitness and a laugh. Well cannot leave out of this a good glass of wine. This channel is to offer your support, life tips and fun!

You can also watch interviews with amazing people, sharing their stories and their challenges! Check out below the link with Dr. Kendi!

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Speak your truth! Short Videos

We support the Doers Global Community and If you have few minutes check out Nadia Themis You Tube Channel. The purpose of this channel is to crate awareness of mental health issues and how we can rewire our brain so we can be truly happy.

Interview with Dr Kendi. Authenticity and a sense of belonging
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