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Meliselli Foundation - Nadia Themis
Nadia Themis - Meliselli Logo

Our Mission

To empower our youngsters, motivate them and create social awareness.

How we do that: through our workshops, lectures, trips for team building, workshops for entrepreneurship and leadership. Through those workshops the youngsters will gain the necessary abilities and skills that will boost their knowledge either as human beings or as employees.

How it all began

From a very young age, I remember myself defending weak people, or those who were in need. I couldn’t understand much about injustice or war or hate; or how some people could be so mean. I was facing great difficulties as a child because of the above and since then, I have pledged that when I grow up I will do everything in my power to fight against hunger, poverty and mean people. I wanted to guide individuals towards the concept of goodness and the fight for the common interest.
Nadia Themis - Meliselli Foundation, Happy Kids
Nadia Themis - Meliselli Foundation, Kids Hug

The first steps

At the age of 38, I founded the MELISELLI FOUNDATION. Its main concern are children, youth and people who need motivation. The foundation is dedicated to my parents Melis and Elli whom I want to thank, since despite the fact we have faced a lot of difficulties and poverty as a family, they managed to raise, educate and support me but the most important thing is that they managed to teach me how to dream and envisage.

Our Vision

To create a “Place of Comfort” that makes people come and feel like home, without any criticism or negative judgment but only respect for the individual and intellectual difference. There are opportunities out there that youngsters are not aware of due to the lack of information, “connections”, money or proper guidance. Some families might live in poverty but managed to pass some important values on their children. Yet the parents don’t know how to help their children. On the other hand, there are families which might not face any financial struggles but family members don’t have the opportunity to spend quality time together. Meliselli Foundation will be there to give the right opportunities to each individual, help and guide the youngsters to reach their full potential.
Nadia Themis - Meliselli Foundation, Happy Kids Dancing

It’s all about people

We are a team of individuals determined to guide, support and mostly empower people. We want to bring out awareness, help youngsters to set their own goals and chase their dreams.
Annually membership contribution is 50.00 euro. You can see the banking details in our site and we will have cooperation soon with PayPal. Please free feel to contact us for anything you might need.

If you want to make a donation, please send us an email.
There are also special corporate packages. Please contact us for a personal meeting or email nadia@nadiathemis.com for more information.

Every new beginning is difficult, but we all need to start from somewhere. We want to honor anyone who believes in our purpose and trusts us.

Meliselli Foundation Principles