What is a Go Getter?
A go getter is a person who is ambitious and who isn’t afraid to ask for and pursue what he wants. An example of a go getter is a person who has no hesitation about asking her boss for the raise she feels she deserves.

But if you’re actually going to accomplish them, you have to DO something about them, and that takes motivation. The very first thing you need to achieve a goal is a reason and deep desire to achieve it. The path to achieving goals is fraught with boredom, excuses and difficulty.

When I was 6 years and saying that I wanted to have my own company, to live in New York and conquer my world everybody was seeing me like crazy. When the doctor said to me that I was never going to run again, when I was waiting the exams results twice to see if I have cancer or not, when I couldn’t walk for 5 months… you know what I said??

“I DENY ACCEPTING THIS FATE, I WILL DO MY MINE.” I STARTED WORKING ON MY MINDSET EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. Every second I was telling myself “Nadia, you can walk, just little bit pain now but you will be walking girl, you can do this! When I was I had terrible pain with my health I was saying, you will be over that just be persistent. All day long, every second through the day it was in my mind, sleeping or awake it didn’t matter”.

So, yes at the age of 30 approximately, i had my company, now in New York and working on conquering my world through my NGO MELISELLI FOUNDATION, a girl that was wearing second use clothes until the age of 15.

It is YOU who holds the key to getting what you want, as all you truly need is passion and determination.

  1. Set yourself goals. A go-getter needs a clear set of goals.
  2. Be ready for hard work.
  3. Be Motivated.
  4. Organise yourself.
  5. Be Confident.
  6. Don’t be disheartened by a NO.
  7. Make yourself known.
You can be a go getter, JUST DARE to believe that and join my Go getter plan program!