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Less is more: How to make your life simpler and stress free
Nadia Themis - Book: Less is More
In this brief story that you will read, you will discover how the 4W Theory can help you to make your life simpler, with few simple steps. It is included a workbook, guidance and a complimentary coaching session by Nadia Themis, who has more than 21 years experience in life and business. This theory has proven salvation for me, I wish to help you the same.

“My mind was all over the place. Not only did I have to face challenges, my family, my children and debts, I also had to deal with him going after me, trying to take me down. My life was a mess and to top it off, I had a business to run. I started my own business in 2009; my divorce was finalised in 2008 but undeniably, my marriage problems started a few years before. Does this scenario sound familiar? ….”

Nadia Themis Product - Monopoly Plan
If you want to be financially free then start your investment by getting MONOPOLY PLAN now! – It costs only $495,00
Whether you feel like you need this service to underline an already present skill or if you’re ready to master the basics of becoming a more valuable, effective communicator, call today to schedule a time that works best for you. I’m ready to combine my skills and experiences as a successful actor and trial consultant with an individualized plan to work together to meet your communication goals.
Nadia Themis founded a few clubs in an effort of creating communities of like-minded people and create social awareness.

Buy this amazing book just for £9.99! Learn how you can rewire your brain to be truly happy in life. If I did then anyone can do it. Happiness is an ongoing process but listening to others experiences it helps us not to keep repeating fans patterns and behooves. Save yourself some troubles. 

A Different Breed – rewire your brain to be happy published by Nadia Themis. You can buy the book on amazon.co.uk