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Global Community - WE ARE THE DOERS! - Nadia Themis

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Mission of DGC

 What is a doer?

A doer is a person who does something, especially a person who gets things done with vigor and efficiency, a person characterized by action, as distinguished from one given to contemplation.

There are many people who are just thinking rather than doing. These are called the thinkers. The concept of the DGC and mission is to create awareness of being motivated, and be a doer meaning that take our life by the horns and chase our dreams. Being a doer, helps you to improve your relationships, be successful at work and in general a happy person.

Everyone needs a purpose in life, a reason to get up the morning. This is the mission of DGC to empower people, motivate and educate them that they can take charge of their own life. We are the masters of our souls and wellbeing.

We have developed an approach for your corporation, firm, organization, which will transform how you perceive life & business, and transform and improve your employees’ performance and productivity. We have cooperation with European organizations and programs such as Erasmus +, where we share common goals and practices. Also, with other training/educational bodies accredited by the U.K. Government, offering funded programs, the HRDA Cypriot Authority fully funded etc.


Why joining this community?

Doers Global Community were created in an effort of creating a global community of like-minded people and create social awareness of how we can re wire our brain to be happy and successful. We are the leaders of tomorrow the masters of our destiny, can you Imagine if you had more doers in your corporation, how that would have enormously improved your company’s or organisations’ profitability? The accountability levels of your employees would be tremendously increased having as a result the improvement of their performance and productivity but also their personal satisfaction level. It is a win – win situation, you have your employees satisfied, happy to work for you and your corporations’ goals achieved. The people give their everything when they feel appreciated and respected. They feel like they belong to a “family” not just a business or a department.

Benefits of joining DGC

Improve mental health

Improve performance & productivity

Create a happy and safe workplace

Team Building

Stay motivated

Strong leaders

Effective Communication skills

Handling crisis

Work under pressure without feeling stress

Anger Management

Improve performance

Emotional Intelligence

Employable skills

Happy loyal employees = higher productivity

Your employees would feel appreciated and respected by you as their employer which will improve their loyalty and trust.

How we provide the empowerment


Webinar once a week

*On various subjects like:

Stress at work

Stress at home

Handling crisis

How to manage my anger

How to communicate with others without insulting them

Be more respectful without feeling angry

“It is not what we say but how we say it” – Being polite serves us better

Effective Communication


Business language skills

*webinars can be customized based on your preferences and needs or for a special occasion/event.

Participants can be as many as possible.

Each coaching group should be up to 20 people, preferably 15 people. Groups can be divided based on their needs or department and management level.


One – One online private coaching session whoever might need it. This might be charged extra.


Face – Face Sessions if is requested.

Travelling costs and accommodation should be considered as extra cost.


Meditation Class twice a week


Fitness Class once a week

What it will cost you?

The membership fee for individuals is $9.95 monthly or $100,00 per year.

The membership though for corporations, companies or government departments can vary based on the preferences of the corporation or the department.


An indication of fees:

Discounts starts from 30 employees and up

5% – 30 employees

10% – 50 Employees

15% – 100 Employees

25% – 300 employees

Private sessions are available at special prices if you are a member of DGC.

We have also sponsorships packages and endorsements schemes. Be brave and be part of something greater than yourself. Sponsor us and create a stronger society, mentally stronger human beings.

We build / reconstruct the societies by creating and empowering with stronger mentally healthy people.

We create the leaders DOERS of tomorrow.

Thank you

Nadia Themis




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